Ladies Only Workshop

Let’s admit it.

If there’s one thing we want, it’s to feel loved. Our souls yearn for the connection with our men.

We want to be heard, seen, appreciated and secure in our relationships.

My girlfriend Carol recently confided in me that she is very miserable in her marriage with Steve. She feels that Steve doesn’t love and respect her anymore because he argues and dismisses most of her suggestions. It’s about what he wants and not what she wants. She has known him to be somewhat controlling but this is now causing her to wonder about their future together.

 He spends a lot of time on things that are important to him. There is very little romance and intimacy. She now finds herself doing things on her own or with her friends. They have therefore drifted apart. She wishes she could do something to win his love back and turn their relationship around.

 Can you relate?

If yes, then I’ve got some good news for you. I’m running a free workshop this August that touches the problem points in a relationship and unleashes exactly how to get rid of them and turn around your situation.

You’ll learn how to transform your relationship without having to have the uncomfortable “talk” with your partner. Because sometimes, it doesn’t take two to tango!

Here’s more of what you’ll discover:

  • How to put your needs first without being selfish.
  • Get an insight into individual worlds through our upbringing, beliefs, values and perceptions.
  • Overcome misunderstanding and frustration through powerful language and effective communication skills.
  • How to enjoy intimacy and great sex.
  • Tap into your feminine energy and become irresistible to him.

Is this workshop for you?

Come along if you’re feeling any of the following lately:

  • Frustrated with your partner for not listening to you
  • Wondering if he still loves you
  • Feeling unloved
  • Clueless how to resolve your differences
  • Feeling neglected and lonely
  • Unsure how to express your feelings
  • Not interested in sex

If you do, then this Life-Changing FREE workshop is for YOU.

When: Wednesday 20th August

Where: Eaglemont – address to be provided on registration.

Time: 7.30 – 9.00

RSVP: or Devika 0418 120 978

See you at the workshop!