3 Simple Ways To Gain His Love Back

Loving Couple

Loving Couple

My hubby is old fashioned. He is not the type to say’ I love you’.

It’s probably something he never learnt as a child and that’s ok with me.

Because there are so many different ways one can show love; physically and emotionally.

Women are about love and connection. This is a beautiful aspect of the ‘feminine energy’ that we are. We want to hear loving words; we want hugs and kisses; we want to be given romantic looks and gestures; we want our man to do something special for us and take us to somewhere romantic.

Ah, wouldn’t that be nice?

But, what do you do when these are not his ways to express his love for you?

  1. Be his best friend.

Men are focus, success and achievement driven, characteristic of the masculine energy, may inadvertently fail to tap into their deep feelings for you. They are about ‘freedom’; freedom to be who, and what they want to be. You may find that it’s usually about them and not you. Ever had that feeling?

What’s worked in my relationship is respecting his wishes and allowing him space to enjoy life as he wishes. Well, what does that mean for me, you wonder?

Everyone needs something and a man’s foremost need is someone who is loyal and trustworthy; a true friend.

A friend he can share his goals and dreams with; his successes particularly setbacks without judgement and without being challenged to justify himself.

Being his best friend gives you an opportunity to connect with his heart and inspire him to be the man you want him to be; your lover.

  1. Be in your feminine essence.

When it comes to building deep heart to heart connection with your man, the energy that’s flowing through our body plays a big role. Our body language and tune of voice projects our thoughts and our feelings.

It’s been said that opposites attract. This attraction called the ‘arc of energy’ occurs between two opposites energy or people like two magnets. If you have attracted a man with masculine qualities, you would have been in your sensual, lovable and irresistible feminine nature.

Over time, women tend to lose their touch with their feminine and hence become disconnected with themselves and their men. What you think and feel in each and every moment is what you are going to attract.

So, tap into your inner feminine essence and lure him through your voluptuous body, softness of your voice and authenticity in your words. Become irresistible and ignite his love for you.

  1. Be a woman of passion

Men who are ambitious and are striving for success and accomplishment desire women who are beautiful, sensual, passionate, creative and most importantly sensible and intelligent.

A man likes his woman to have a level of independence; be self-reliant and not needy or demanding him to fulfil her needs. He wants his freedom to pursue his aspirations not having to fulfil yours.

A woman in touch with her feminine lives her life with purpose and with passion. She creates her own happiness, inner peace and harmony that radiates to all especially her man. This can be very liberating for a man powering his self-confidence and determination to succussed in life. A man allowed such liberty will be filled with love and admiration for you.

He will be inspired to love and respect you by your passion to be a woman of integrity, self-confidence and self-worthiness.

Having your man fall in love with you again is easier than you think. It’s all about you becoming his ideal partner; loving, allowing, uplifting and inspiring him through your deep love to open his heart for you.

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